Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Oaxaca: Lapidarium Edition

No deep thoughts to share today, so I'm posting photos from our bus tour of the city and foot tour of the neighborhood, which will be really exciting if you're into Mexican statuary. For reasons I don't totally understand, you also have to scroll way down to reach it.

A fountain in downtown Oaxaca.
Seven women (representing seven communities of Oaxaca) surround a man on a pedastal.
Please feel free to apply your own feminist interpretation here.
Evidently this is the only thing I took any pictures of all day.
I apologize. I thought this was going to be a more varied and interesting display. I hope you like statues.
Just to switch it up, I'm including this, which may be the first time in history that a professor and student have been photographed pointing emphatically at a map -- in a completely candid and unposed moment.
And because I evidently have an obsession with rooftop dogs, here's another shot from the neighborhood.

I call this one Wiggles the Wonder Mutt, because you can just tell he's ready for action.

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