Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Church in a Lake

Below are some photos (courtesy of Brenk!) from our trip to the church in the lake that used to be Jalapa de Marques:

This is our first view of the church, as we approached by boat:

Here, Ian, Brent, Vanna and I swim through the church. Mike is already ahead of us. The center of the roof has collapsed, so you can actually see into the interior.

Here's the American University group on the roof of the church. We're kind of tiny, but I think that's Jackie, Holly, Vanna, Kelly and Mike in the back row, with me, Amelia and Jamie in the front.

And here's the entire group, channeling our favorite Oaxacan political poster by pointing meaningfully to the future.

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  1. Maybe if church always consisted of swimming and splashing around, I'd be more inclined to go! That place looked amazing.